Trade Wins by the WTCA

from the World Trade Centers Association

About The Show

This podcast is designed specifically to be thought-provoking and to provide insights from leading experts to help us navigate today’s changing environment. We aim to contribute to the empowerment of our global membership and their business networks in the world of global trade and investment.

Podcast Episodes

12: UN Academic Impact: A Journey of Engaging Youth and Rethinking Education

Ramu Damodaran, Former Chief of the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), is our guest on today’s episode. He discusses the UNAI and his role in creating this branch of the United Nations and updates us on the impact that it is making. Ramu shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting students of various age ranges and how it has also provided opportunities for further growth. Ramu concludes with an anecdote by sharing a “Trade Win” that occurred during his career and the power of communication and pragmatism in global trade.

11: The Future of Global Health: How Businesses Advance the SDGs with Science and Global Health Diplomacy

In this episode, WTCA Executive Director-Business Development Robin Van Puyenbroeck speaks with Dimitri de Vreeze, Co-CEO & COO and Member of the Managing Board, Royal DSM; Gabriela Cuevas Barron, Co-Chair, UHC2030 Committee; Honorary President of the IPU; MEP at the Mexican Congress; and Usama Malik, Former CIO, Pfizer; and current CEO, Fore during the 2021 RELX SDG Inspiration Day held on June 22. Together they discuss the impacts of business and government on the future of global health. They also look at how SDGs play a part in this global impact, and how governments and businesses can work together to achieve these goals.

10: The Future Project: Gen Z Kids Speak Out on the Issues of Today

On today’s episode of Trade Wins, we don’t have one guest but a group of 20 New York elementary school 5th graders who join WTCA Executive Director-Business Development Robin van Puyenbroeck for a discussion on the biggest challenges facing the world today. This class of 2021 – soon-to-be middle schoolers – speak from the heart and shed light on many of the pressing issues faced around the world – from global warming and hunger/poverty to racism and gender inequality.

We are given the opportunity to hear their thoughts on potential solutions to those issues, what they would share with President Biden if they were to meet with him, if they think children should vote and how they would grade adults on how they are taking care of the planet and of working towards a better future for all. The podcast will also be shared with President Biden.